Stopping fax service at Meadow View Surgery…………

2020 Contractual arrangements

NHS England and GPC England have agreed an ambitious programme of work to be delivered over the next five years. There have been agreed measures that will become contractual requirements in April 2020 or April 2021 subject to available IT infrastructure.

NHS England and GPC England expect practices, where feasible, to be making progress in
2019/20 towards meeting those requirements. The use of alternatives to facsimile (fax) machines for NHS and patient communications is listed in the GMS contract 5-year framework and the associated guidance that supports the Long-Term Plan.

The commitment states:-
• By April 2020, practices will no longer use facsimile (fax) machines for either NHS or
patient communications.

Fax machines will be removed across the NHS in a bid to improve patient safety and cyber
security. The outdated technology will be phased out by 31 March 2020 under plans announced by Secretary of State Matt Hancock in 2018. NHS organisations will be required to use modern communication methods instead, such as secure email.